"How do I check my EBT balance online California"

The California EBT Card, which is also known as the Golden State Advantage card is a prepaid debit card similar to the ones issued by a bank or credit union. It is issued to those eligible for SNAP/Food Stamps benefits (CalFresh), Cash Benefit programs (CalWORKS), and the WIC Program. In this post, we share information on the California EBT Card balance check process – including how to get your balance online and by phone.

Additionally, California has been approved by the USDA to allow SNAP EBT cardholders to purchase groceries online.

We will provide a list below of grocery stores in California that accept EBT online for pick-up or delivery.

For information on how to get your EBT card balance, keep reading below.

"California EBT Card Balance Check"

California EBT Card Balance

To check the balance on your EBT card, you have three (options).

Option 1 – Check Your Last Receipt

This is perhaps the easiest option to check your food stamps card balance.

Just look at the bottom of your last transaction receipt and printed on it is the amount remaining in your account.

See the picture below, showing an example of where to find the balance information on your receipt.
"CA EBT Balance:

Option 2 – Check Your Balance Online

The second option is to check the balance online using the EBT Website. Click here to be taken to the website.

You can log in to check your card balance, look at transactions that have been posted to your account, get updates about your claim status, and also find the nearest ATM or place that accepts EBT Cards/Food Stamps.

To log in, you will need your username and password.

If you do not remember your username or password, there is a link to help you retrieve that information.

See the arrows in the image below:

"check California EBT card balance online"

Option 3 – Check Your California EBT Card Balance By Phone

The third option is to check the balance of your EBT card by calling the customer service number listed on the back of your card.

The number to call, toll-free is 1-877-328-9677.

You need to have your card number ready.

Additionally, you can call the customer service number for the following issues:

"CA EBT Customer Service Number"

Another option is to check your food stamp benefits account balance at a Point of Sale (POS) machine at the store where you are shopping for groceries.

Stores that accept EBT online in California

Here’s the updated list of stores that accept California SNAP EBT online for delivery and pick-up.

We will continue to update this list as the USDA adds more grocery stores.

  • Albertsons
  • ALDI
  • Amazon
  • Cardenas Markets
  • ExtraMile by Jacksons
  • Food 4 Less
  • FoodMaxx
  • Gong’s IGA Market
  • Jacksons Food Stores
  • Lucky Supermarkets
  • Pavilions
  • Rancho San Miguel Markets
  • Safeway
  • Sam’s Club Scan and Go
  • Save Mart Supermarkets
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Stater Bros.
  • Super King Market
  • Superior Grocers
  • Target
  • The Market by Superior
  • Vons
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods

Note that some of these stores accept EBT through Instacart.

California EBT Card Balance Check Summary

We hope this post on California EBT Card Balance Check was helpful.


If you have further questions about Food Stamps or EBT Cards, please let us know in the comments section below.

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