California EBT Card Balance Check

The California EBT Card, also called the Golden State Advantage card is prepaid debit card similar to the ones issued by a bank or credit union. It is issued to those eligible for SNAP/Food Stamps benefits or other Cash Benefit programs.

California EBT Card Balance

To check the balance on your EBT card, you have three (options).

Option 1 – Check Your Last Receipt:
This is perhaps the easiest option to check your food stamps card balance. Just look at the bottom of your last transaction receipt and printed on it is the amount remaining in your account. See the picture below, showing an example of where to find the balance information on your receipt.
"CA EBT Balance:

Option 2 – Check Your Balance Online:
The second option is to check the balance online using the EBT Website. The website is set up as a resource for EBT cardholders. You can login to check your card balance, look at transactions that have posted to your account, get updates about your claim status and also find the nearest ATM or place that accepts EBT Card/Food Stamps. Click here to login. You will need your username and password. If you do not remember your username or password, there is a link to help you retrieve that information. See arrows in the image below:

"California EBT Login"

California EBT Card Balance

Option 3 – Check Your California EBT Card Balance By Phone:
The third option is to check the balance of your EBT card by calling the customer service number listed on the back of your card. The number to call, toll-free is 1-877-328-9677. You need to have your card number ready. You can also call the customer service number for the following issues:

"CA EBT Customer Service Number"

Another option is to check your food stamp benefit account balance at a Point of Sale (POS) machine.




  • Felipe lamug

    Does have to use the entire amount alloted in a particular month or lose the remaining balance? I’ve heard so many different things…

  • Mark Schneider

    I don’t know what’s wrong but my Balance is late for renewing.