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You can get the transaction history and check EBT balance on your account by following the instructions outlined below. But first, let’s talk about what the EBT card is all about.

What is EBT Card?
EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer and it is run by the individual welfare departments of participating states. The card is used to provide benefit payments to recipients. Specifically, it is used to make food stamp and cash benefit payments to eligible recipients. If you would like to learn more about the EBT card, visit the wikipedia page on the topic.

Check EBT Balance
Get the balance on your card by going to the EBT website specific for your state. For example to check the balance for the Florida card, you will go to the Florida Department of Children and Family website and locate the EBT page. You can click here to be taken directly to that page. The payment come from the USDA Food Stamp Program through their SNAP payments. To get your balance, click here.

If you do not have online access, you need to register your card and follow the instructions indicated for activating your account. There are a host of things you can do once online. This includes checking the balance on your account, reviewing your transaction history, making sure there are no suspicious transactions on your account, and requesting a change of address or any other pertinent account information that will ensure that your benefit payments are not delayed.

EBT debit cards have become a source of targeted criminal activity where people looking to commit fraud will gain access to EBT cards and drain the account of funds. This is especially true for people who are receiving cash payments through their card. There are several ways that this happens. The first is through “Phishing”. This is a process where people illegally gain access to your account by sending suspicious emails to you requesting that you verify account information. They will then embed a link in the email, which will send you to a fake website that looks exactly like the page you normally use to log into your account. Once you enter your account information, that is then harvested and used to illegally log into your real account. Once they gain access to your account, they then drain your account of all the funds. Be on the lookout for suspicious emails. If you are unsure, call the EBT customer service line to ask them if they indeed sent that email.



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