Your EBT Balance check website depends on who manages the EBT program for your state. With a few exceptions, there are three websites that manage EBT programs across the United States.

They are EBT Edge, Connect EBT, and Ucard. We have provided links to instructions on how you can check the EBT Card balance for your state. Find your state and click on the link.

How to Check your EBT Card Balance by State


EBT Balance Check by State

Click on your state below to get information on how to check your EBT balance:

Alabama EBT Card Balance
Alaska Quest Card Balance
Arizona Quest Card Balance
Arkansas EBT Edge Card Balance
California Calfresh EBT Card Balance
Colorado Quest Card Balance
Connecticut EBT Card Balance
Delaware Family First EBT Card Balance
Florida Access EBT Card Balance 
Georgia Food Stamps EBT Card Balance
Hawaii EBT Food Stamps Balance
Idaho Quest Card Balance
Illinois Link Card Balance
Indiana EBT Card Balance
Iowa Quest Card Balance
Kansas EBT Benefits Card Balance
Kentucky EBT Benefit Security Card Balance
Louisiana Purchase EBT Card Balance
Maine Food Stamps EBT Card Balance
Maryland Independence Card Balance
Massachusetts Bay State Access Card Balance
Michigan EBT Bridge Card Balance
Minnesota EBT Card Balance
Mississippi EBT Card Balance
Missouri EBT Card Balance
Montana Access SNAP Balance
Nebraska EBT Card Balance
Nevada EBT Card Balance
New Hampshire EBT Card Balance
New Jersey EBT Food Stamps Balance
New Mexico EBT Fiesta Card Balance
New York EBT Card Balance
North Carolina Food Stamps EBT Card Balance
North Dakota EBT Card Balance
Ohio EBT Direction Card Balance
Oklahoma EBT ACCESS Card Balance
Oregon EBT Trail Card Balance
Pennsylvania EBT ACCESS Card Balance
Rhode Island SNAP EBT Card Balance
South Carolina SNAP EBT Card Balance
South Dakota EBT Edge Card Balance
Tennessee Benefit Security Card Balance
Texas Lone Star Card Balance
Utah Horizon Card Balance
Vermont EBT Edge Card Balance
Virginia EBT Card Balance
Washington Quest Card Balance
West Virginia Mountain State Card Balance
Wisconsin Quest Card Balance
Wyoming EBT Card Balance

"EBT Balance Check by State"

We have provided detailed instructions for each state. They all don’t have the same process for checking SNAP Benefits balances the same. Some have contracted the service out to JP Morgan Chase while others are using different service providers, like Xerox Business Services among others to process transactions and manage their programs. If you have specific questions regarding your Food Stamps account, call the number at the back of your card. Here are the list of foods you can buy with your EBT card. Also, you should not try to sell your EBT balance or exchange the funds on the card for anything other than the foods you are approved to buy. Doing that will be committing SNAP benefits fraud, which could land you and whoever in on this with you in jail.

If you need to renew your benefits, call the state agency that directly handles your program. It will be the same agency that approved you for the program. Do not call the EBT customer service number since they are only a service provider for the state and cannot approve, renew or modify your SNAP benefits.



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