Florida EBT Card Balance Check

The Florida EBT Card, which is also the SNAP or Food Stamps card is administered by the state’s Department of Children & Families and referred to officially as the ACCESS Florida Card. In this post, we share how to check your balance.

"Florida ACCESS Card Balance"

Florida EBT Card Balance

To check the balance on your Florida EBT card, you have three (options).

Option 1 – Check Your Last Receipt:

The quickest way to know the balance on your ACCESS Florida card is to check your last transaction receipt. The amount you have left on your EBT Card will be displayed at the bottom of the receipt so it’s important that you don’t throw it away. Always keep the last one, so you know the exact amount you have remaining on your card.

Option 2 – Visit the EBT Edge Website:

Another way to see the remaining balance on your ACCESS card is to visit the EBT Edge website. The Florida food stamps program uses EBT Edge as their online benefits portal, which allows you to check your EBT balance and transaction history. When you visit the website, you first need to enter your card number to be able to log in. Once you log in, you can review your transactions and see how much money you have left. See below for what the website looks like and what you need to do:

"Florida EBT Card Balance Check"

Florida EBT Card Balance Check

Option 3 – Call the Florida EBT Card Phone Number:

The third option is to call Florida ACCESS EBT Customer Service number at 1-888-356-3281. You can also find this information on the back of your card. You will be asked to enter you sixteen (16) digit EBT card number. Once you do that successfully, the auto attendant will then tell you the current balance on your card.

It is also possible to check your balance at an ATM or POS machine.

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