The Wisconsin EBT Card, also known as the Quest Card, can be used to buy groceries at point of sale terminals in stores that take part in FoodShare. The Wisconsin EBT Card is a plastic debit-like card with your name, card number and the Wisconsin Quest logo. This program is set up by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services as a safe and easy way to get and use your food benefits that are assigned to you each month. The Wisconsin EBT Card is reloadable, so you do not need to get a new one every month, but you must have it with you in-store to purchase food using your FoodShare account.

In this post, we outline the different methods for obtaining the balance on your Wisconsin EBT Quest Card.

Wisconsin EBT Card Balance Check


Wisconsin EBT Card Balance

 Below are three options for checking the balance on your Wisconsin EBT Quest Card:

Option 1 – Call Customer Service:

You should always know the balance in your account before you shop. If you are unsure of your current remaining EBT balance, the first option for retrieving this information is to call the Quest Customer Service hotline at 1-877-415-5164. Be sure to have your EBT card number ready. You will be asked to provide this information before you are able to retrieve your balance information.

Option 2 –  Check Your Last Receipt: 

Your second option for obtaining your Wisconsin EBT Card balance is to check your last purchase receipt.

When redeeming your FoodShare benefits using your Quest card, you will be given a receipt (if you are not given one, please ask). At the bottom of your receipt, you will find a balance. This balance is the current remaining funds on your Wisconsin EBT Quest Card.

Option 3 – Visit the Quest Card Website::

Your last option for obtaining the balance on your Wisconsin EBT Card is to visit the Wisconsin EBT Quest Card website. When you visit the website, Quest cardholders must enter their EBT Card Number, which is found on the front of your Quest card. Once logged into your account, you will have access to balance information and transaction history.

See below for what the website looks like and what you will need to do:

Wisconsin EBT Card Balance Check

It is also possible to check your balance at an ATM or POS machine.



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