The Hawaii Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program processes payments for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and public financial assistance. The Hawaii EBT program uses a debit-like card for issuing cash and SNAP benefits at approved food retailers. Those recipients receiving cash assistance may also choose to have their cash benefits directly deposited in to their personal bank accounts. In this post, we discuss the various ways you can check the balance on your  Hawaii EBT Card.

Hawaii EBT Card Balance Check

Hawaii EBT Card Balance

Below, are the following ways you can retrieve the balance on your Hawaii EBT Card.

Option 1 – Check Your Receipt:
Check your Hawaii EBT Card balance by locating your last transaction receipt. Each EBT Card transaction receipt will have your remaining cash benefit balanced listed on the bottom. If your receipts are readily available, this is the easiest way for you to obtain your current EBT Card balance.

Option 2 – Call the Hawaii EBT Card Phone Number:
If you do not have your last transaction receipt, give the Hawaii EBT Card phone number a call at

1-888-328-4292. A representative at the Hawaii EBT Hotline can provide you with your current EBT balance. Please have your EBT Card number PIN ready before calling. You will be provided with your balance as soon as you provide the representative with your information.

Option 3 – Visit the Hawaii EBT Card Website:

If an online balance check is your preference, visit the Hawaii EBT Card website (click here to access the site). Simply visit the website and enter your UCard Center User ID and Password to retrieve your current card balance, as well as, transaction history. If this is your first time visiting the site, you must first activate and register your Hawaii EBT Card by clicking on the appropriate links. If you have forgotten your User ID and/or Password you can retrieve that by answering a few security questions and resetting your password. Below, is a screenshot of the Hawaii EBT UCard Center and what links you will need to access to retrieve your balance information:

Hawaii EBT Card Balance Check

Hawaii EBT Card Balance Check




2 thoughts on “Hawaii EBT Card Balance Check

  1. I forgot my password and I have not received a reset password through my above email address. That is the only email address I use daily.

    Mahalo in advance

  2. I’ve looked for a way to contact SNAP to check my balance each month and I’m always shut down because CHASE or whoever DOES NOT have anyway to contact them to let them know my account is messed up.

    It won’t accept my password and Chase has it set up that I can’t change my password…they just send me a temporary password.

    So I never know what my actual password is…and it can’t be permanently changed by not knowing my current password.

    They also must have my wrong email (I don’t know, because I can’t contact them anyway to find out!) because SNAP says it will send me a password email but it never it sent (I check Junk mail).

    So….how can I go about making a permanent change in my password for SNAP?

    The last four digits on my card are 2639.

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