"Can you buy formula with EBT Card"

Question – Can you buy formula with EBT Card?

In this post, we are going to answer the question: “Can you buy formula with EBT Card?”. If you follow this blog, you will notice that we have introduced a new category that answers specific questions from readers about whether they can buy specific items with their EBT Card. So far, we have addressed the following:

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We are going to provide a detailed response below to the question about formula, but before we get to the answer, we want to review the list of food items you can buy with your EBT card, so you are fully informed about what your SNAP Benefits card can and cannot buy.

List of Eligible Food Stamps Items

We have done a detailed post about the list of items allowed under food stamps, but here is a refresher. Basically, your food stamps EBT Card is approved for buying food that you are planning to take home to prepare. That means that you are not allowed to buy food anywhere that allows you to eat the food on the premises. This includes hot food. You are allowed to purchase food you are going to take home and make or prepare for you and your family (if applicable). As a result, the United States Department of Agriculture, which manages the food stamps program has specific rules on what you can and cannot buy. Here is the list:

"can you buy formula with ebt card"

As you can see, the list is very specific. Which brings us to the question we are trying to answer:

Can you buy formula with EBT Card?

Since formula is food that you are taking to go prepare at home, you are allowed to buy it with your EBT Card. And unlike the WIC program that limits how much formula you are allowed to buy, the EBT program does not have a limit, so you can buy as my formula with your EBT Card as you want.

"Can you buy formula with EBT Card"

However, you are not allowed to buy baby diapers with your EBT Card, since that is not a food item.



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