Can I use my EBT card at Target?

"Can I use my EBT card at Target and what can I buy"

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2019) Today’s post will answer another one of your questions regarding EBT card use at major retailers. In our post, we will answer the question: Can I use my EBT card at Target? Target is the second largest discount retailer in the United States, behind Walmart. Target prides itself on providing a premier shopping experience, a variety of high-quality national and local brands, and affordable prices. As of 2018, Target operated 1,822 locations throughout the United States. This includes their discount store Target, the hypermarket SuperTarget, and the flexible CityTarget. To find out whether your local […]

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List of foods you can buy with EBT Card

"List of eligible food stamps items"

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)We get questions from EBT Card holders about the list of foods you can buy with EBT Card. In this article, we will answer the question in detail. The Food Stamps program or SNAP program is intended to provide nutritional food to those eligible. There are strict guidelines about what you can buy with the card and what you cannot. If you are caught using the card to buy an item not permitted or a service, you are committing EBT Card Fraud and if caught could face jail time. Most Common Questions about EBT Food List […]

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List of Grocery Stores that accept EBT

In our post today, we outline a full list of grocery stores that accept EBT cards as a means for redeeming food assistance benefits. Food stamp recipients are only able to redeem their benefits at approved grocery store locations. To locate an approved grocery store, you can check out our list below or the USDA retail locater, here. List of Grocery Stores that accept EBT Name # of locations States 114 Grocery & Deli Incorporated 1 NY 1st Oriental Supermarket 2 FL A & A Fine Foods 1 NJ A & G Fine Foods Incorporated 1 A & P Food Stores […]

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Can you purchase Pet Food with EBT card?

Our post today is going to address one of the most searched questions when it comes to items eligible to be purchased using EBT and food stamp benefits. Many food stamp recipients would like to know if benefits can used to purchase pet food at approved grocery stores. If you are not familiar with the food stamp program and how it works, food stamps, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps eligible low-income individuals and households purchase food and groceries necessary to live a healthy life. Benefits are distributed to approved recipients on a monthly basis. Recipients […]

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Does Taco Bell Accept EBT Card?

"does taco bell accept ebt card"

We want to know what specific questions you have about using your EBT Card and we have been answering questions as the come. In this post, we are going to answer the question: “Does Taco Bell Accept EBT Card?”. We have provided a detailed answer below. Before we answer this question, we have to first review what is allowed under the EBT program for food stamps. As you may be aware, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is responsible for setting the rules around what is allowed and what is not allowed under the food stamps program. The purpose of EBT […]

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Can I use my EBT card at Walmart?

In today’s post, we are going to address one of our most commonly asked questions: Can I use my EBT card at Walmart? We believe this question is so commonly asked because Walmart is the one of the world’s largest retailers. In the United States, there are over 4,200 Walmart stores, excluding it’s warehouse store chain, Sam’s Club. Known for being a one-stop-shop and their rollback prices, Walmart is also the largest overall employer in the United States. Being the one of the largest retailers in the world, you would assume that they would accept EBT cards, right? Well, you are […]

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