"does taco bell accept ebt card"

We want to know what specific questions you have about using your EBT Card and we have been answering questions as the come. In this post, we are going to answer the question: “Does Taco Bell Accept EBT Card?”. We have provided a detailed answer below. Before we answer this question, we have to first review what is allowed under the EBT program for food stamps. As you may be aware, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is responsible for setting the rules around what is allowed and what is not allowed under the food stamps program. The purpose of EBT is to allow needy individuals and families to buy food that can be made or prepared at home. Generally, that means that no hot food or prepared food that can be consumed on the stop is allowed. However, there are exceptions that allows certain groups to buy hot or prepared foods, like Taco Bell, which we have covered in details below:

Here is the latest list of foods that you can purchase under the SNAP program:

"Does Taco Bell Accept EBT Card"

Does Taco Bell Accept EBT Card?

Ad you can see above, there is an exception in the food stamps program that allows qualified homeless, elderly, or disabled people to buy hot or prepared meals from approved restaurants. Remember that your state has to apply for this program with the Department of Agriculture. After which certain restaurants within the state are then approved to accept EBT. According to this ABC News article, the program is running in Michigan, California, Florida and Arizona and Taco Bells are approved in Florida.

Below is the complete list from the ABC News Article. As you can see, other restaurants, including Subway are approved in certain states. Our advice is to call your state’s EBT Number and ask them if you are approved to use EBT at Taco Bell or any other restaurant you may have heard about that accepts EBT.

Here’s a quick list of restaurants in states that already accept food stamps for restaurant meals:


Church’s Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken



Grandma’s Famous Chicken

Eight Mile Pancake House

Mr. T’s BBQ

Vito’s Pizza


Jack in the Box


El Pollo Loco

Papa Murphy’s Pizza



Taco Bell

Pizza Hut

Papa Murphy’s Pizza


Domino’s Pizza

Golden Corral

Southern Cuisine

Rally’s Hamburger

We hope this article answered your question. If you know of another restaurant that accepts EBT Cards in your state or have had experience buying hot or prepared food with your EBT Card, tell us in the comments section below.



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