Vermont Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is a system responsible for the electronic distribution of benefits for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The Vermont EBT card is administered through the Department for Children and Families and Economic Services Division.

Vermont EBT Card Balance

Your EBT card can be used at participating stores, ATMs, and farmers’ markets anywhere the QUEST logo is displayed. For more information on where you can find stores, ATMs, or farmers’ markets that except Vermont EBT, click the previous links. Please advise that you cannot use an ATM or make purchases using your cash benefits at any casino, gaming establishment, liquor store or strip club any benefits used at restricted locations must be repaid in full.

How It Works:

  • A Vermont EBT car is mailed to you
  • Once received, you are prompted to select a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). You’ll need to enter this number every time you use the EBT card.
  • Benefits are added to your card on the same date each month. The date depends on which program you fall under.
  • Your benefit balance will decrease when you purchase goods or withdraw cash.

For more information on the Vermont EBT card and how to check your balance, keep reading below.

Vermont EBT Card Balance

Vermont EBT Card Balance

There are three options for checking the balance on your Vermont Quest Card:

Option 1 – Call the Vermont Quest Card Customer Service

Your first option for containing the balance on your Quest card is to call the Customer Service hotline at 1-800-914-8605. The Quest card hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be sure to have your Quest card number, as well as your PIN. You’ll be asked to provide this information as verification of your account.


Option 2 – Login to your EBT Edge Account Online

To access your Quest Card balance online, visit the EBT Edge website and login to your Quest card account, here. In order to retrieve your Quest Card balance, please enter your EBT card number. If you do not your EBT card number, you’ll be provided with a phone number to call for further assistance. Once logged into your EBT account, you’ll be able to check your balance, review your transactions, reset your PIN and contact customer service.


Option 3 – Find Your Receipt

Another way to check the balance on your Vermont Quest Card is by finding your last transaction receipt. Your receipt will have the most current available balance on your EBT Card at the bottom. It is important to save all receipts if you wish to have access to your current EBT/Quest card balance.