The South Carolina EBT Card, which is also the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or the Food Stamp Program is administered by the state’s Department of Children & Families. In this post, we share how to check the balance on your EBT card.

south carolina ebt card balance check

 South Carolina EBT Card Balance

To check the balance on your EBT card, you have three options:

Option 1 – Check Your Last Receipt:

The quickest and easiest way to know the balance on your South Carolina EBT card is to check the receipt from your last purchase. The amount you have left on your EBT card will be displayed at the bottom of the receipt, so it’s important that you don’t throw it away. Always keep your receipts, so you know the exact amount you have remaining on your card.

Option 2 – Visit the South Carolina EBT Card Website:

Another way to see the remaining balance on your card is to visit the South Carolina EBT Card website. When you visit the website, you need to enter your user id and password to be able to login. If this is your first time on the South Carolina EBT website, you must create a user account before you can login. If you don’t remember your user ID and password, you can get help with the “Forgot User ID” and “Forgot Password” buttons.

Once you login, you can review your transactions and see how much money you have left on your card. See below for what the website looks like and what you need to do:

South Carolina EBT Card Balance Check

South Carolina EBT Card Balance Check

Option 3 – Call the South Carolina EBT Card Phone Number:

The third option is to call South Carolina EBT Customer Service number at (1-800-554-5268). You can also find this information on the back of your card. You will be asked to enter you sixteen (16) digit EBT card number. Once you do that successfully, the auto attendant will then tell you the current balance on your card.

It is also possible to check your balance at an ATM or POS machine.




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  1. When I called the phone line it said I had $10 and change on my food stamp card and it got declined saying 0 balance. What’s the problem.?

  2. I got approved for food stamps in October and still have not received my card in the mail. I have called the number several times and they said all they could do was cancel the card that was on the way to my house and I have done that four times now. I still have not received the card and I desperately need it to buy my food. Please someone do something other than cancel the card on the way. I have an old card in hand and I dont know why that one wasnt loaded instead of sending me a new one. I would really appreciate if someone could resolve this. Thanks.

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