If you have an EBT card and would like to check your available balance, we have detailed information below on How you can get your Michigan EBT card balance. Before we go through the steps on How to check your food stamps balance, below are links to some relevant articles that EBT card holders have asked us repeatedly and we have provided answers to them. We think you may find them useful.

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How to check your Michigan EBT card balance:

Option 1 – Visit the Michigan EBT Website:

You can first check your Michigan EBT card balance online by clicking the link below. To do this, you need to have created an account online and have online access to your EBT account. If not, you can create an account by following the link on the page. Click here to be taken to the website. Below is an image of what the website looks like:

"Michigan EBT Card Balance Check"

Option 2 – Call the Michigan EBT Phone Number:
Another way to check your EBT card balance is via phone. You can do that by calling the phone number below. Be sure to have your EBT card available with you. Without the card, you will not be able to check your balance and they won’t allow you to use your social security number to check your balance without your card. The Michigan EBT Card balance number is 888-678-8914.

Option 3 – Check Your Last Receipt:
The third way to check your EBT card balance is to look at your last receipt. Locate the receipt you were given the last time you used your EBT card and you will find the current balance of your card at the bottom of the receipt as shown in the image below.

We hope you were able to check your Michigan EBT Card balance using one of the methods we have provided above. If you had any issue checking your balance, let us know below. We also welcome any general EBT questions you may have.

EBT Alert

Are you going to lose your EBT Benefits?

With the US economy doing so well and unemployment very low, the Trump administration has submitted a budget to Congress that seeks to cut millions of people from the food stamps/EBT program to save the government money. The administration is arguing that there are people on the program that should not be on. As a result, they want to cut some people off completely, require others to submit to job programs in order to continue to get benefits. They also want to make it harder for new applicants to get benefits. Watch the video above to learn more or click here to read this story for more details.