The Alaska Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is a system for electronically delivering Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Alaska SNAP benefits are administered by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. The program provides cash assistance benefits to low-income families with children to help them with basic needs while they work to become self-sufficient.

Benefits are distributed to participating individuals on a monthly basis via a debit-like EBT card. The Alaska EBT card is also referred to as the Alaska Quest card. The Quest card can be used to purchase eligible food and other household items at participating grocery stores and farmer’s markets.

If you currently have an Alaska Quest card account and would like assistance retrieving account information and obtaining your Quest card balance, continue reading below.

Alaska EBT Card Balance

Alaska EBT Card Balance

 Below are three options for checking the balance on your Alaska EBT Quest Card:

Option 1 – Call Customer Service:

You should always know the balance in your account before you shop. If you are unsure of your current remaining EBT balance, the first option for retrieving this information is to call the Quest Card Customer Service hotline at 1-888-997-8111. Be sure to have your EBT card number ready. You will be asked to provide this information before you are able to retrieve your balance information.

Option 2 – Check Your Last Receipt: 

Your second option for obtaining your Alaska EBT Card balance is to check your last purchase receipt.

When redeeming your benefits using your Quest card, you will be given a receipt (if you are not given one, please ask). At the bottom of your receipt, you will find a balance. This balance is the current remaining funds on your Alaska EBT Quest Card.

Option 3 – Visit the Quest Card Website:

Your last option for obtaining the balance on your Alaska EBT Card is to visit the Alaska EBT Card website (UCard Center). You can log onto the UCard Center, here. You’ll need your User ID and Password in order to login and obtain your balance. If you do not have a User ID and Password, then you can register for the UCard Center. Please have your EBT Quest Card information (card number and PIN) ready. You’ll be asked to enter that information in order to register. Once you log into your EBT account, you’ll be able to access your current EBT card balance, as well as the last 10 transactions on your card.

See below for what the website looks like and what you will need to do:




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